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Personal Case Management for Paternity, Siblingship , Prenatal, Immigration, Ancestry and all DNA Tests. One Case Manager from Philadelphia PA is assigned for all your needs.

We are aaBB CERTIFIED for All your DNA Testing in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Labs used have the highest industry Standards and Accreditations...

Local, State, National and International

Our local offices are in Pennsylvania, with affiliate private DNA collection sites through out the nation and worldwide. We will provide all the setup and coordination between all parties involved, no matter where the DNA samples need to be collected.

Reliability of all DNA tests

To ensure reliable and court acceptable results, Paternity, Immigration, Siblingship, Identification, Infidelity, Forensics and all tests done in Philadelphia PA are performed by Labs accredited by established industry groups such as - American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), NY State Dept of Health, US Dept of Homeland Security.

How is DNA Collected in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

A cotton tipped swab is swabbed against the inside of the mouth (cheek), using gentle pressure in order to collect enough cells (not saliva). Painless, safe and done in minutes! Your DNA collection and results are secured, so ONLY you control who handles and see's the results. For Infidelity and Forensics, a sample such as clothing, toothbrush, hair is collected for DNA testing.

Pennsylvania Court Admissible, Chain of Custody Results

If the results of your Paternity DNA test in Philadelphia PA will be required for some legal or governmental purpose. This includes legal court proceeding, social security benefit, change of name, correcting of birth certificate, military benefits, IRS, immigration, custody and/or child support issues.

Peace of Mind Results for Paternity DNA Testing

For your knowledge only. No chain of custody is followed as with the Court admissible test for Philadelphia PA. However, we will provide the same quality test and results in the same manner.
This Certificate is Awarded to
Mary Catherine Sullivan

in recognition of successful completion of the
AABB Relationship Sample Collection Webinar & Post-Test

The recipient of this certificate has successfully demonstrated knowledge in the Relationship Testing Standards applicable to the collection of test samples as written and established by AABB.

Certificates Issued
September 2014, March 2016. Expiration 12/2017.
Adrienne Fierro, CQA(ASQ), Vice President
Membership, Meetings, Communications and Corporate Affairs
Anne Chenoweth, MBA, MT(ASCP)CM, CQA(ASQ)
Director, Accreditation and Quality

Paternity DNA Testing in our private Philadelphia Pennsylvania office, one of our many other offices, or mobile testing where we meet you! Determining relations, or possible relationships, between family members will lead to a family secured from unanswerd questions or acquisitions. Paternity finds the bond between Mother, Farther and Child.

The unmarried birth rate is at an all-time high in the United States, topping out at in confirmed statistics at 36.8% in 2006 and possibly as high as 40% in 2008. Social and governmental agencies alike are coping with establishing paternity for children.

Grand Paternity seeks to establish and secure the bind across generations. Paternity Testing NOT just for parents anymore!

According to AARP, nearly 6 million children are raised in households headed by grandparents or other relatives; 2.5 million of these children are without parents in the household at all, leaving their care and upbringing to their grandparents or other relatives. In light of the high out-of-wedlock birth rate, some grandparents must take an extra step and establish their biological relationship through DNA testing in order to gain legal guardianship or visitation rights to their grandchild.

Siblingships DNA testing can forever and truthfully bind brothers and sisters. Whether the family members are all located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the world, our case manager assigned to your case will do all the required coordination of DNA Testing needed among all the members, no matter where they are located.

Forensics DNA collection and analysis gives the criminal justice field a powerful tool for convicting the guilty and exonerating the innocent. DNA profiling (also called DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic fingerprinting) is a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals on the basis of their respective DNA profiles. DNA profiles are encrypted sets of numbers that reflect a person's DNA makeup, which can also be used as the person's identifier. DNA profiling should not be confused with full genome sequencing. It is used in, for example, parental testing and rape investigation.

Infidelity DNA testing for people who suspect their partner is being unfaithful. This DNA Test is done on an artifact such as clothing, to test for the presence of another person's genetic material. You can visit our office in Philadelphia PA to submit this item(s) or mail it to us. Since ONLY one case manager will be hamdling your case, you can be assured of the upmost in privacy and security. A Chain of Custody test can be performed, for acceptance and use in a legal matter in Pennsylvania.

Identification Genetic material that is found in DNA is a unique identifier, used for identifying a particular individual as the source of the human genetic material in a sample such as semen, blood, or hair.

Crime DNA analysis is a powerful tool because each person's DNA is unique (with the exception of identical twins). Therefore, DNA evidence collected from a crime scene can implicate or eliminate a suspect, similar to the use of fingerprints. It also can analyze unidentified remains through DNA comparisons from relatives.

AABB Accredited Immigration DNA testing for residents of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This may be required for a child or father living in a different country, for immigration to the United States. The United States State Department often requires this verification before allowing a United States citizen to sponsor an immigrant. This may be required regardless of country of origin for the immigrant.

Our Pennsylvania immigration test results are accepted by the United States Citizen and Immigration Service Department (USCIS)/US Homeland Security and US Embassies and immigration offices throughout the world due to our exclusive use of AABB accredited laboratories.
We provide you with one case manager in Philadelphia PA, dedicated to your case, coordinating all testing for all parties wherever they are located in the world.

Genealogy and Ancestry DNA Testing, offered in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, can give the proof one needs to settle the issue of "where did I and my family come from". A sense of belonging and the understanding of one's culture and history is the result.

Discover your Ancestral Origins

Many individuals are interested in their ancestral origins.
Our latest ancestry product will accurately determine ones paternal & maternal backgrounds.
With our advanced accuracy testing services, we can now determine where you originated
from approximately 150,000 years or as far back as 7000 generations.

Your own DNA profile is unique & has been passed down by your parents.
By investigating and comparing your DNA swab our laboratory will your roots and they originated
from and what route they took before finally settling.

Genetics. The deciphering of the genetic code of the DNA molecule, has made possible the DNA Testing for Medical predisposition prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases. All that is needed is a simple swabbing inside of your mouth to collect check cells used for the DNA test, This, along with consultation, can be performed in our our Philadelphia PA office.

Philadelphia Local News

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The Philadelphia Theatre Company is planning to produce three plays next season.

How recovery advocates live 'brotherly love' instead of 'just using the words' | We the People
A gunshot wound survivor was moved to openly pray for a man's pain to be relieved on the streets of Philadelphia.

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After a record high on Tuesday, overnight lows failed to get below the mid-50s; expect mid-70s Wednesday afternoon.

Evangelist Billy Graham dies at age 99; reached millions
The Rev. Billy Graham, who transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history, has died.

Philly developer Blatstein takes step toward N.J. casino license two years after buying Showboat
The Philadelphia-based developer petitioned the state Division of Gaming Enforcement for a "statement of compliance" demonstrating that he owns, leases or otherwise controls a property that could be used as a casino.

Republicans to file federal challenges today to new Pa. congressional map
Top Republican lawmakers will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to block the implementation of a new Pennsylvania congressional map, House Speaker Mike Turzai (R., Allegheny) said Wednesday morning.

Racist social-media posts spark outrage at Maple Shade High in South Jersey
Administrators met with about 15 families on Monday to pin down those responsible.

Pa. athletes shouldn't need waivers to play in hijabs | Helen Ubiņas
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Acme owner buying Rite Aid as grocery, drug chains struggle
Shares of Rite Aid, which have shed more than half their value over the last year, closed up $0.07, or 3.29 percent, at $2.20 a share.

One MRI is $1,000 more than another. That's just the start of Philly's health-care pricing mysteries
The shroud of mystery around health care costs has hidden from many consumers the fact that prices vary widely, even for relatively straightforward services such as an MRI.

Feeling nostalgic? This Philly bar has a drink called 'The Obama'
One first-time customer balked on the day of the Eagles parade, according to Augusta Mason, a manager who created the Obama cocktail when Parkside Beef & Ale opened a decade ago in a moment of yes-we-can optimism. "He said, 'It's the 'Trump Punch' now!'" Mason recalled. "I said, 'If you're drinking, you can call it whatever you want.'"

In Pa.'s new congressional map, this Republican's 'bad dream' turns into 'a nightmare'
Rep. Ryan Costello, a Chester County Republican, saw his already-tough swing district move from having a Republican-leaning constituency to having a narrowly Democratic one in Pennsylvania's new congressional map - making an already tough race even harder. "This turns what was a bad dream for Ryan Costello into a nightmare," said J.J. Balaban, a Democratic consultant based in Philadelphia.

Pasta revolution hits extruder overdrive, and creativity, collaborations, and profits emerge
A boom in pastas being made on small extruders in restaurants has unlocked surprising creativity and chef collaborations. The two largest manufacturers of those machines in the country are based in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Celebrate Reading Terminal Market's 125th anniversary all week long
A week of ideas to celebrate Reading Terminal Market's 125 anniversary.

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Source: Eagles RB coach Duce Staley also will be assistant head coach
Staley will add the extra title and extra responsibility, including additional input into the offensive game plan each week.

Quick hits from another Flyers OT win
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Why the women in my family cherish fine china
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The basics of ax-throwing, according to Philly's best ax throwers
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On the market: Fairmount house with parking for two
In addition to proximity to the Art Museum and zoo, this Fairmount house offers another big amenity: two parking spots.

Jake Voracek's late heroics lift Flyers past Canadiens, 3-2, in OT
The Flyers moved to within three points of first-place Washington in the Metropolitan Division. They are now 12-0-1 at home against Montreal since April 2, 2010.

Mistrial for Merlino: Deadlocked jury ends NYC trial of reputed mob boss 'Skinny Joey'
A federal judge in Manhattan on Tuesday declared a mistrial in the latest racketeering case involving the reputed head of the Philadelphia mob - a case that threatened to send him back to prison for decades.

Trump urges ban on gun devices like bump stocks
WASHINGTON (AP) - As a grieving Florida community demanded action on guns, President Donald Trump on Tuesday directed the Justice Department to move to ban devices like the rapid-fire bump stocks used in last year's Las Vegas massacre. It was a small sign of movement on the gun violence issue that has long tied Washington in knots.

It's good the Flyers got a goalie, but the rest of their roster matters more | Mike Sielski
Petr Mrazek is a competent, proven goalie. The Flyers needed one, and in this era of the NHL, sometimes that's all a team needs to make a playoff run.

Brands trying to make a buck off of #MeToo
Some particularly shameless examples: a makeup company that applied to trademark #MeToo and a California children's adventure camp that used the movement as a launch point to market itself in a news release.

Angry Parkland teens struggle with shooting trauma
It was the first time since the Valentine's Day shooting that her classmates were getting together somewhere that wasn't a vigil, rally or planning meeting for a trip to Tallahassee to take on their legislators. In public, they had presented a united front: angry, motivated, brashly political. Here, she hoped they could be what they really are: kids, who had been through an unbelievable trauma, trying to figure out how they feel.

Neurologist charged with raping New York City woman
NEW YORK (AP) - A neurologist who had pleaded guilty to groping women at a Philadelphia clinic was arrested on Tuesday on charges he repeatedly raped a patient in New York City.

Former Drexel neurologist facing sex-assault charges in New York
The former head of Drexel University's neurology department was sentenced to probation last year for molesting female patients in Philadelphia.

Philly father sentenced to 10 to 20 years for shooting death of 4-year-old daughter
Maurice Phillips was sentenced to 10 to 20 years, followed by 20 years of probation, for the April 2016 shooting death of his daughter, Tahirah, 4.

As 'Black Panther' sets opening weekend box office records worldwide, Hollywood's out of excuses
The myth that "black" movies don't play overseas died hard. It took a "Black Panther" to kill it.

Dems jockey over new Montco congressional seat
State Sen. Daylin Leach's possible candidacy in Pa's Fourth Congressional District is alarming some Democrats.

IBX to provide Narcan to subscribers for no charge
Independence will grant subscribers six syringes of the reversal drug every 30 days effective Mar. 1.

Pushing gerrymandering fight, Republicans prepare lawsuits challenging Pa. congressional map
Republicans are preparing at least two federal challenges to Pennsylvania's new congressional map. They are unlikely to succeed, experts said.

LeBron James' actions speak much louder than Laura Ingraham's words | Solomon Jones
Because LeBron, with his boldness and blackness, with his platform and resources, has decided to speak out in that way, he has become a real-life example of one of the most prophetic lines from the record-breaking film Black Panther. In times of trouble, "the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers."

Coldilocks, Philadelphia Zoo polar bear, euthanized after 'serious decline' in health
The 37-year-old polar bear at the Philadelphia Zoo has been euthanized after struggling with medical issues, zoo officials said.

Philadelphia weather: Record set as May-like temperatures invade February
Record warm will wash over the region this week, but don't get used to it. Here's why.

Phillies could get Jake Arrieta on their terms
It seems the longer the free-agent righthander remains unsigned, the higher the chances the Phillies will get their way.

Ex-Philly Sheriff John Green's bribery trial opens with attack on his successor
As federal prosecutors opened their bribery and corruption case Tuesday against former Philadelphia Sheriff John D. Green, defense lawyers said the case may come down to a battle of credibility - between the sheriff on trial and the one who followed him into the office.

PPA proposes new fee on Uber, Lyft and taxi rides
The cash-strapped Philadelphia Parking Authority unveiled a proposal Tuesday to add a $0.50 surcharge to every taxi, Lyft, and Uber ride in the city.

What will it take for the Eagles to trade Nick Foles? | Eagles offseason preview
The Inquirer/Daily News beat reporters are previewing the Eagles' offseason. Here's a look at the quarterback position and specialists.

Sixers' Joel Embiid: 'We want home-court advantage' in first round
The Sixers will face teams currently with winning records in only 10 of their remaining 27 games.

Cocaine-fentanyl deaths in Philly show fatal unpredictability in drug supply
Exactly why fentanyl is turning up in cocaine overdose cases is unclear, though law enforcement and public health experts have come up with several theories. There's no doubt, though, that fentanyl has created a new unpredictability in the drug supply that's proving increasingly fatal.

If there was no collusion why doesn't Trump confront Putin? | Editorial
Trump has yet to show he can focus on a multitude of concerns. Near the top must be making it unequivocally clear to Putin that no amount of interference in our democracy will be tolerated.

DACA activists stop at the Liberty Bell on an N.Y.-to-D.C. march
DACA recipients say they don't want a deal that benefits them at the expense of others.

Removing barriers to healthy eating, one family meal at a time
The Sunday Suppers community cooking program, which has served families in Kensington since 2011, this month opened a second location in Germantown.

What conservatives should like about Larry Krasner's criminal justice ideals | Opinion
Good ideas are good ideas, wherever they come from - even when those ideas come from the other side.

Former Gallery mall office space sold to N.Y. buyer for $41.8 million
The transaction completes an effort by mall landlords Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust and Macerich to sell off all the office space at the former Gallery at Market East.

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