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Personal Case Management for Paternity, Siblingship , Prenatal, Immigration, Ancestry and all DNA Tests. One Case Manager from Philadelphia PA is assigned for all your needs.

We are aaBB CERTIFIED for All your DNA Testing in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Labs used have the highest industry Standards and Accreditations...

Local, State, National and International

Our local offices are in Pennsylvania, with affiliate private DNA collection sites through out the nation and worldwide. We will provide all the setup and coordination between all parties involved, no matter where the DNA samples need to be collected.

Reliability of all DNA tests

To ensure reliable and court acceptable results, Paternity, Immigration, Siblingship, Identification, Infidelity, Forensics and all tests done in Philadelphia PA are performed by Labs accredited by established industry groups such as - American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), NY State Dept of Health, US Dept of Homeland Security.

How is DNA Collected in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

A cotton tipped swab is swabbed against the inside of the mouth (cheek), using gentle pressure in order to collect enough cells (not saliva). Painless, safe and done in minutes! Your DNA collection and results are secured, so ONLY you control who handles and see's the results. For Infidelity and Forensics, a sample such as clothing, toothbrush, hair is collected for DNA testing.

Pennsylvania Court Admissible, Chain of Custody Results

If the results of your Paternity DNA test in Philadelphia PA will be required for some legal or governmental purpose. This includes legal court proceeding, social security benefit, change of name, correcting of birth certificate, military benefits, IRS, immigration, custody and/or child support issues.

Peace of Mind Results for Paternity DNA Testing

For your knowledge only. No chain of custody is followed as with the Court admissible test for Philadelphia PA. However, we will provide the same quality test and results in the same manner.
This Certificate is Awarded to
Mary Catherine Sullivan

in recognition of successful completion of the
AABB Relationship Sample Collection Webinar & Post-Test

The recipient of this certificate has successfully demonstrated knowledge in the Relationship Testing Standards applicable to the collection of test samples as written and established by AABB.

Certificates Issued
September 2014, March 2016. Expiration 12/2017.
Adrienne Fierro, CQA(ASQ), Vice President
Membership, Meetings, Communications and Corporate Affairs
Anne Chenoweth, MBA, MT(ASCP)CM, CQA(ASQ)
Director, Accreditation and Quality

Paternity DNA Testing in our private Philadelphia Pennsylvania office, one of our many other offices, or mobile testing where we meet you! Determining relations, or possible relationships, between family members will lead to a family secured from unanswerd questions or acquisitions. Paternity finds the bond between Mother, Farther and Child.

The unmarried birth rate is at an all-time high in the United States, topping out at in confirmed statistics at 36.8% in 2006 and possibly as high as 40% in 2008. Social and governmental agencies alike are coping with establishing paternity for children.

Grand Paternity seeks to establish and secure the bind across generations. Paternity Testing NOT just for parents anymore!

According to AARP, nearly 6 million children are raised in households headed by grandparents or other relatives; 2.5 million of these children are without parents in the household at all, leaving their care and upbringing to their grandparents or other relatives. In light of the high out-of-wedlock birth rate, some grandparents must take an extra step and establish their biological relationship through DNA testing in order to gain legal guardianship or visitation rights to their grandchild.

Siblingships DNA testing can forever and truthfully bind brothers and sisters. Whether the family members are all located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the world, our case manager assigned to your case will do all the required coordination of DNA Testing needed among all the members, no matter where they are located.

Forensics DNA collection and analysis gives the criminal justice field a powerful tool for convicting the guilty and exonerating the innocent. DNA profiling (also called DNA testing, DNA typing, or genetic fingerprinting) is a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals on the basis of their respective DNA profiles. DNA profiles are encrypted sets of numbers that reflect a person's DNA makeup, which can also be used as the person's identifier. DNA profiling should not be confused with full genome sequencing. It is used in, for example, parental testing and rape investigation.

Infidelity DNA testing for people who suspect their partner is being unfaithful. This DNA Test is done on an artifact such as clothing, to test for the presence of another person's genetic material. You can visit our office in Philadelphia PA to submit this item(s) or mail it to us. Since ONLY one case manager will be hamdling your case, you can be assured of the upmost in privacy and security. A Chain of Custody test can be performed, for acceptance and use in a legal matter in Pennsylvania.

Identification Genetic material that is found in DNA is a unique identifier, used for identifying a particular individual as the source of the human genetic material in a sample such as semen, blood, or hair.

Crime DNA analysis is a powerful tool because each person's DNA is unique (with the exception of identical twins). Therefore, DNA evidence collected from a crime scene can implicate or eliminate a suspect, similar to the use of fingerprints. It also can analyze unidentified remains through DNA comparisons from relatives.

AABB Accredited Immigration DNA testing for residents of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This may be required for a child or father living in a different country, for immigration to the United States. The United States State Department often requires this verification before allowing a United States citizen to sponsor an immigrant. This may be required regardless of country of origin for the immigrant.

Our Pennsylvania immigration test results are accepted by the United States Citizen and Immigration Service Department (USCIS)/US Homeland Security and US Embassies and immigration offices throughout the world due to our exclusive use of AABB accredited laboratories.
We provide you with one case manager in Philadelphia PA, dedicated to your case, coordinating all testing for all parties wherever they are located in the world.

Genealogy and Ancestry DNA Testing, offered in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, can give the proof one needs to settle the issue of "where did I and my family come from". A sense of belonging and the understanding of one's culture and history is the result.

Discover your Ancestral Origins

Many individuals are interested in their ancestral origins.
Our latest ancestry product will accurately determine ones paternal & maternal backgrounds.
With our advanced accuracy testing services, we can now determine where you originated
from approximately 150,000 years or as far back as 7000 generations.

Your own DNA profile is unique & has been passed down by your parents.
By investigating and comparing your DNA swab our laboratory will your roots and they originated
from and what route they took before finally settling.

Genetics. The deciphering of the genetic code of the DNA molecule, has made possible the DNA Testing for Medical predisposition prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases. All that is needed is a simple swabbing inside of your mouth to collect check cells used for the DNA test, This, along with consultation, can be performed in our our Philadelphia PA office.

Philadelphia Local News

Philly.com NewsThu Aug 09 06:59:47 EDT 2018

Princeton's complicated legacy: Reconsidering Woodrow Wilson, and recalling a slave named Jimmy Johnson
Princeton is changing both the physical face of its campus and that of the students who inhabit its classrooms, after objections over the use of Woodrow Wilson's name on its public and international affairs school and a professor and student research project that illuminated the Ivy League university's ties to slavery.

Flying billboard over Jersey Shore reveals baby's gender on anniversary of tragic loss
Lauren and Michael Norden deliberately waited until her third trimester to learn the baby's sex, wanting the announcement to coincide with an emotional anniversary: Saturday marked the one-year anniversary, to the day, of her father's death.

Immigration judges file grievance over Justice Dept.'s removal of Philly jurist who delayed man's deportation
Last week, news broke that the Justice Department replaced Judge Steven Morley after he had asked for more legal information in a deportation case, inserting a new jurist who quickly ordered the defendant removed from the United States.

Viral videos alleging racial profiling show what people of color have 'endured for generations'
Videos taken locally and nationally have sparked outcry about how people of color are treated in America.

Two echocardiograms, same hospital, drastically different prices: $339 and $3,484
Prices for even basic medical procedures vary widely from one provider to the next, in part because of the complex - and largely proprietary - negotiations between insurers and providers.

Two killed, 4 wounded in North Philly drive-by shooting
Gunfire was reported shortly after 10 p.m. in the area of 12th and Huntingdon Streets.

Manhunt continues for suspects in ambush shootings of police officers in Camden
Search continues for suspect who ambushed two police detectives in Camden.

Vince Velasquez roughed up by Diamondbacks, as Phillies lose series in the desert
For the third consecutive game, the bats dried up in the desert, as the Phillies dropped two of three against the playoff-contending Diamondbacks.

'Superman' actress Margot Kidder's death ruled a suicide
HELENA, Mont. (AP) - "Superman" actress Margot Kidder's death has been ruled a suicide, and her daughter said Wednesday it's a relief to finally have the truth out.

Redesign takes Gladwyne home from postmodern black to bright maple
The house wasn't their style, but John and Maria Schneider saw promise in the layout and landscape.

Philly's U.S. attorney slams 'sanctuary city' policy, citing immigrant who raped a child
U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain denounced Philadelphia's "sanctuary city" status as dangerous and blamed it for "foster[ing] mistrust between the community and local law enforcement" by favoring undocumented immigrants. "If it turns out by playing favorites that you're allowing children to get raped, my office is going to have a big problem with that," he said.

2nd man pleads guilty to hazing in Penn St. frat death case
BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) - A former Penn State fraternity member pleaded guilty Wednesday to two misdemeanor charges filed as a result of a pledge's death after a night of drinking and hazing last year.

Can St. Joseph run the table again? | Training camp preview
Coming off a 12-0 season and No. 1 ranking in the final Top 25, the Wildcats look to maintain their status as South Jersey's top team.

She saved her Puerto Rican neighborhood; her 'angels' flew her to Philly
Shortly after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Daisy Lopez and Soraida Perez, two Philadelphia women, loaded five suitcases full of supplies and set off for the island. There, they met and forged a bond with Carmen "Milly" Chevere Ortiz, a woman whose neighborhood had been washed out by rising floodwaters. Nearly a year later, Ortiz is in Philadelphia this week. Lopez and Perez bought her a plane ticket, hoping a few days away from the island, where the scars from Maria still create daily hardships, would be rejuvenating.

Ex-Temple frat president charged with rape in second alleged assault
Goldstein's defense attorney said he "vehemently denies that he did anything that was criminal."

WSFS to buy Beneficial, create Philly area's largest locally based bank
Amid secret talks, bankers code-named WSFS "Rodney," for Rodney Square in downtown Wilmington, and dubbed Beneficial "Bishop," recalling its founding as a savings bank for Irish immigrants under Philadelphia Catholic Bishop St. John Neumann

Mobile sports betting in New Jersey: Answering the burning questions
Vegas Vic, who lives in Nevada, swears by mobile sports betting. Though he didn't need to be so graphic in his praise.

Eagles punter Cameron Johnston doesn't yet have a leg up on the job | Jeff McLane
Doug Pederson gave Cameron Johnston a ringing endorsement last week, but the Eagles punter has looked anything but a lock to make the roster.

The guy who created summer blockbuster 'The Meg'? He's from Northeast Philly
Philly native Steve Alten talks about writing 'The Meg" and following its 20-year journey to the big screen.

'The Meg': Jason Statham vs. the giant prehistoric shark
Jason Statham battles a gigantic prehistoric shark that turns out not to be prehistoric in 'The Meg.'

Bryn Mawr to reduce visibility of its 2nd president after reviewing her history of racism
M. Carey Thomas' name will remain etched on the college library, but the school no longer will refer in printed materials, on the college website or in basic conversation, to the building or its Great Hall, using Thomas' name. Thomas' name will be stripped from several awards given out by the school.

In Philly, the renters keep on coming
Philadelphia is now nearly 48 percent renters, 52 percent homeowners.

How 2,000-year-old roads predict modern-day prosperity
Economists find a striking correlation between the density of ancient Roman roads and levels of modern economic activity in Europe.

Trump's 'opportunity zones' could give his South Jersey golf club a tax break
Those incentives could attract investment in a new restaurant or hotel at the Pine Hill golf course property, raising possible conflicts.

Italiano's Water Ice returns in South Philly - yet again
The stand at 12th and Shunk Streets was closed last summer.

I'm ready to win a championship: A football story by Coatesville's Aaron Young
Young didn't have to look outside his house for motivation. "He was very competitive and always wanted to keep up with his brothers," his father, Anthony Young, said.

Pa.'s absentee-ballot problem: Votes come in late because of tight deadlines
If past patterns hold, more than 2,000 absentee ballots cast by Pennsylvanians this November won't be counted - and the voters won't know it.

Local, federal law enforcement officials: We're working together to fight gun violence
Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, and Police Commissioner Richard Ross were among the officials who attended an event in South Philadelphia to discuss gun-related investigations and arrests.

For Josh Adams, an undrafted Eagles running back, there's no such thing as a meaningless preseason
The former Central Bucks South star will be one of the players to watch Thursday in the Eagles' preseason opener.

The Sixers are cursed, but not by Sam Hinkie or Bryan Colangelo | Marcus Hayes
Josh Harris and Doug Collins doomed the Sixers when they traded a boatload of assets for damaged goods.

Which Pa. and N.J. races will make the difference in the fight for Congress?
The road to control of the U.S. House runs through the Philadelphia region. Democrats, needing to gain 23 seats to build a majority, are targeting as many as six Republican-held districts in the southeast Pennsylvania and South Jersey, and more could come into play in both states if a wave forms. We rank the most competitive contests based on a combination of importance and competitiveness.

This Atlantic City developer thinks your Shore house should be an apartment on Pacific Avenue
"People who have been looking at Long Branch and Asbury Park and want better value, they're going to come to Atlantic City," says Wasseem Boraie, whose downtown Atlantic City apartment complex opens later this summer a block from the Boardwalk.

For players trying to make the Eagles roster, the least important games are everything | Bob Ford
Undrafted offensive lineman Aaron Evans doesn't see himself as another training camp success story if he makes the Eagles roster.

From rural villages to the gritty streets of Philly, kids displaced by Maria map their emotions
After surviving Hurricane Maria, and for some, losing their homes, teenage evacuees from Puerto Rico find friendship and learn leadership skills at a program at Providence Center. There, they also discuss a map that shows how far they've come from their island homes to the streets of Philadelphia.

Zhaire Smith's injury the latest in a long line of rookie struggles for Sixers
That noise you hear? It's the collective groan of Sixers fans after learning yet another rookie has suffered an injury before he even hits the court.

Millennials may have grown up online, but they don't know everything | Perspective
The ability to acquire and master new skills - and be of value in the workplace - is not age-dependent.

How Philly spent $5 million and got absolutely nothing
Now, city officials are back to relying on Rick Evans, a one-man contractor who lives in Colorado, to make sure the 1995 prison management system doesn't go into full failure.

Kamar Aiken, now with Eagles, hopes to prove he's not a one-hit wonder
The receiver had a huge season in 2015 with Baltimore, but has been unheard of since. He's trying to prove during this Eagles training camp that he can return to that form.

Police: Two Camden detectives shot in unprovoked attack on National Night Out
Two police officers were shot while on duty Tuesday night in Camden.

Holy muskie! King of Prussia fisherman makes surprise catch on Schuylkill
"That's actually the first muskie I've ever caught," Kevin Rodenbaugh said. The fish came in at 45 inches long and weighed 30 to 40 pounds. The muskie is not normally associated with that portion of the Schuylkill.

The Eagles' Super Bowl win makes me miss the losing
If the Eagles bring home another Super Bowl, the author fears we'll become a dynasty, our fans the thing we all hate.

Goldman Sachs fund pays $170M for Chestnut Hill Village rental complex in northwest Philly
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Private Real Estate said it acquired the rental complex because of its highway access and its proximity to shopping and to SEPTA's Chestnut Hill Regional Rail station.

End the open season on Trumpsters | Stu Bykofsky
Anti-fascist protesters surrounded the restaurant after they learned Kirk and Owens, leaders of Turning Point USA, a right-wing organization for conservative college students, were eating there.

In Philly, 'Taney' means racial togetherness. Don't let dubious history change that street name | Opinion
To rid the City of the Taney name, which symbolizes racial togetherness, because of a desire to eliminate symbols of racism, would be deeply ironic.

Pro tips for making sushi rolls at home
How to make sushi at home and where to take sushi classes in Philadelphia

2018 Election: Results in Ohio; primary results in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington
The latest results from the key races in Tuesday night's elections. Several remained too close to call Wednesday.

Why it's not so easy to create 'safe space' in Philly's bar scene
This particular safe space remains perhaps Philly's best sleeper cocktail bar. Thanks to the perma-pop-up Pizza Gutt, it has also lately emerged as one of its most coveted foodie destinations.

Live reunites after a seven year split and hits the road with the Counting Crows
When York, PA's Live - the toast of grunge rock with a spiritual lyrical bent - play this weekend at Camden's BB&T Pavilion, it celebrates the reunion of a beloved local band broken apart for seven years. Added to that, however, is the fact that four old friends are making new music - "Love Lounge" is freshly released, with an EPs worth of tunes to follow this fall.

Carrie Underwood announces pregnancy, new tour with stop in Philly
The singer said that she had "a bundle of info" to share with fans.

'BlacKkKlansman': Spike Lee brings an amazing true story to the big screen
'BlacKkKlansman' is Spike Lee's strange but true story of a black officer who infiltrated and disrupted a Ku Klux Klan chapter in Colorado.

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